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The New Mika :iconmikainkling:MikaInkling 27 38 New Inksona :iconmikainkling:MikaInkling 28 34
A Fateful Meeting
*After Rafael's brutal attack.....*
???: GAH!! *Opens her eyes* Ugh.. my head... *Looks around* Wh-where am I?..
Nurse: In the infirmary.
???: How did I get here?..
Nurse: Two Octolings brought you here. You had a severe shot through the head. Honestly, you still being here is quite the miracle...
???: ..... Where are those Octolings now?
Nurse: Being held in a prison.
???: Show me.
Nurse: You are not well enough to-
???: *Grabs her throat and pins her up against the wall* I said. SHOW ME.
Nurse: *Gulps* Right this way please. *Leads her to the nearby prison where they hold captured Octarians*
???: *Looking around at all of them* (Disgusting things... they almost killed me...)
Nurse: They will meet you in the interrogation room.
???: Alright. *Walks in*
Octoling 1: Ahhh... Why do these cuffs have to be so tight?...
Guard: Just shut up and sit down.
Octoling 1: Okay okay, I'm moving, yeesh...
Octoling 2: *Just stares at the floor* ....
Guard: She's not a talkative one huh?
Octoling: Nop
:iconmikainkling:MikaInkling 4 61
A Start to a New Story
Lila: *Adds more wood to the fire*
Cordelia: Gahhhhh.......Living like this sucks! I want a REAL meal... not just some scraps from here and there... And a roof over my head wouldn't hurt anyone!
Lila: Except the person the roof belongs to~
Cordelia: Good point. But we'll catch a cold.. and dissolve away if it rains.. I'll get sick.
Lila: You're already pale as paper~
Cordelia: :grump: ....
Lila: :meow:
Cordelia: Hey you! You doing okay over there?
Kylie: *Laying on her side facing away from them grumbling to herself*
Cordelia: Hoi! At least eat or something!
Kylie: I don't want any!!
Cordelia: You're gonna starve!
Kylie: I can go for weeks without food! I'm fine!
Cordelia: ... Suit yourself..
Rafael: *Walks up* Meal here! And a special one at that~
Cordelia: *Opens the bag* Whoa! Is this fresh made pizza?!
Lila: It smells so yummy!~
Kylie: *Twitches a bit*
Cordelia: Where'd you even get this?
Rafael: We're fugitives now. That means, no rules~ *Eats the pizza*
Cordelia: ........ *Face t
:iconmikainkling:MikaInkling 9 164
Stroll Through the City :iconmikainkling:MikaInkling 44 43 Octoling Makeovers (Starting) :iconmikainkling:MikaInkling 32 15 Luana and Liliane :iconmikainkling:MikaInkling 27 30 First SFM Poster :iconmikainkling:MikaInkling 35 59 Future OC Profile: Castor and Percy :iconmikainkling:MikaInkling 17 42 Mika Meets the Splatastic Four :iconmikainkling:MikaInkling 14 32 Helping sick friends~ :iconmikainkling:MikaInkling 21 41 I Love You, My Kitty Cat~ :iconmikainkling:MikaInkling 19 107 Friendly Hangout :iconmikainkling:MikaInkling 18 51 Character Profile: Mimmi :iconmikainkling:MikaInkling 10 275 New Looks: Luana and Rai :iconmikainkling:MikaInkling 21 76 Ask 32 :iconmikainkling:MikaInkling 18 44


Jodelia: Splat2n Hairstyle (discord req) :iconlsj7812:lsj7812 17 25 Discipline (Test) :iconpoool157:Poool157 35 9 Inkrunner :iconblooryevan:BlooRyevan 79 43 Lovers Forever :icon31darkstar:31Darkstar 9 1 Hello Sister :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 11,321 281 Tf2 trading :p :iconviking-of-estonia:Viking-of-Estonia 7 10 Mika :iconxxfroggiefaithyxx:XxfroggieFaithyXx 14 3 We are Inktoling :iconblackinktoling:BlackInktoling 13 14 A Day :iconorangeinklingknight:orangeinklingknight 14 20 The Sploon 2 Weapons :iconoriginaldeevs:OriginalDeevs 20 14 My Version Of Rainbow Inkling :iconmela-the-cat:Mela-the-cat 12 15 Scarlet :iconsplattensplatartist:SplattenSplatArtist 11 1
One Year, Many Friends
Wow... First year hear on Deviantart... Its amazing how many great people I have met in that short time. This is going to be a shout out to the people how I have talked with, RP with, laughed with, and felt hope from on my journey though Deviantart. Here they are~
But I want to give a VERY special shout-out these three ladies:
Without you guys, I would have never taken the chance of doing so many things on this website. You showed me compassion, kindness, and of course, amazing art~... And RPs. XD This is why I am staying on DeviantArt, because you'll not only see art and share yours, but you will also be able to meet people who will truly chang
:iconcongo303:Congo303 6 40
My blessing for everyone!
I had so much fun with everyone I met for the first 2 years of Gmod animations, I wish that if all of us meet in real life...I will be super, extremely happy, and, most importantly, there wouldn't be a single day I would trade if I could talk with you guys. You guys are all pretty much my light, my happiness, my reason to strive, to live, and stay here, with all of you. I am honestly beyond grateful that I got meet you guys and honestly...I wish we could all do this every day. Talking with each other, having fun, messing around, and all of that other stuff. But for right now. I just want to live in this moment of pure peace, happiness, laughter and overall, friendship and love. I really love all of you guys and I wished that if all of us will meet in real life, my dream will soon come true. Even if I may not know you personally and may not have even met at all in general, I'm happy to see that the people here are so kind, caring and understanding. To all of these special and wonderful
:iconalphaswan:AlphaSwan 12 18
Aries kiki saint seiya omega fan art Gold Saint :iconmcashe:MCAshe 124 11 Hijinks 22: Post Match Meeting :icondarkmario2:DarkMario2 41 20

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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
My name is Mikayla and I am a big fan of a lot of different games I guess. XD
I'm also very friendly~

Journal History


The New Mika
Here's a full body view of Mika's new look. Some noticeable features are she has one lighter blue glove on her left arm, her eyes are customized, and she has the Octoling black undergarments. It was a lot of fun to make her :D

Splatoon (C)
i did not make up these customizing materials. The credit goes to those who made them: 
:iconkitttoon: :iconcrossycrosstic:
(If I am missing someone please tell me and I will add them CX)
I feel it's been a long time since I've made an actual story with a set storyline... It's also been a long time since I've used my Octoling villains :0
But seriously, college comes first... Perhaps when summer comes I'll get some more inspiration, but for now I don't really know what to do. I've participated in other people's stories, but I've run dry of my own ideas.. :/


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